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Igor Meystelman

Life is difficult and sometimes people need some help. I built this firm to help those people

Igor Meystelman

Managing Partner




As the first person in his family to go to college, Igor Meystelman has always understood what it takes to overcome life’s challenges. It has helped him in building a one of a kind Law firm where he is not so much in the business of practicing law as much as he is in the business of helping people.

From the guidance he received from his professors and mentors at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Hofstra University School of Law, or the support of his beautiful wife and 4 children, Igor’s experience has taught him that when facing life’s difficult challenges one’s most powerful weapon is access to someone who cares enough to point out the path that is best for you to succeed and then take you by the hand down that road until you succeed.

As a Rhodes Scholar Finalist, the future path after law school was wide open for Igor to work in any area of his choosing but working for Corporate America would never give him the fulfillment he gets from his true passion –helping regular people protect their families when they are in need of it.

It became the founding principle on which the IM Law Group was built.

A client’s family’s security is as important to Igor as his own and every interaction with his clients reflect that belief completely. Whether saving his client’s homes from foreclosure, removing their overwhelming debt burdens, or protecting his client’s children after a divorce by securing their future, Igor does not stop until the job is done – with the thought that drives him in every situation being “how can I best help this person protect their family?”

His phone is always on, he will always give it to you straight and will never nickel and dime you when you need help with what matters most – Your Family.

Expert areas of Law: Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Consumer Debt, Divorce and Custody


  • New York State Bar Association
  • New Jersey State Bar Association
  • New York 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals


  • Hofstra University School of Law
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice